Sunday, January 5, 2014

A simple morning thank you

     It's dark and still and peaceful this early Sunday morning--always the best time of the time of the day--and Bingley sleeps happily in my lap while I try to tap the computer keys over him.  Not especially conducive to typing...but very consoling to the heart!
     Thank You, Abba Father, for the simplest but greatest blessings in our lives--sweet, cuddly puppies, dinner last night with dear friends, laughter, powerful prayer, steaming mugs of tea, warm homes in cold weather, good books, sweet emails from those we love, chocolate cake (always got to include that), hot fires, children home for Christmas, weddings and flowers and bridal veils and bridesmaids celebrations in the mountains with photographs sent via text message--
(Janie and Mary Norris with her bridesmaids hiking this weekend in God's playground.  Wish I were there!)
Sometimes we forget the beauty of our daily lives.  The wonder of the rhythm of waking up with the gift of another 24 hours to to do our best to live for His glory, to love in His strength, to press on in His grace. 
The joy of quietly sitting down with His Word--the Bread of God, His steaming-hot, fresh manna for us--for this day, for this moment.  And incredibly, this supernatural powder-keg and power- source and power-sustaining Word can rest in our laps and in our hearts and on our lips.  How will He change us and shape us and strengthen us with it's jewels?  Who can we encourage with it's treasures?
And so Bingley and I sit and praise the God of the majestic mountains--
And we praise Him for His powerful, beautiful Word--the Word we hold in our laps and the Word who became flesh--Jesus. The  Living Word we hold in our hearts...but Who holds us, and those we love, and the heavens and the farthest galaxies in His omnipotent hands.  
And at the dawn of this new day, we praise God all the way down to the simplest gifts of daily life--a puppy, a mug of tea, a quiet home, and a grateful heart.  
Thank You, Lord Jesus.  Thank You.  To God be the glory.  

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